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  • A Woman After a Killer Butterfly

    A Woman After a Killer Butterfly


    One of Kim Kiyoung’s more disjointed and bizarre movies. Parts of it seem to go off on weird tangents barely connected to the plot. It’s still got some killer set pieces, but overall, one of Kim’s weaker films.

  • Bloody Chainsaw Girl

    Bloody Chainsaw Girl


    This movie is stupid in all the right ways. It’s not as over the top as Iguchi’s horror comedies but it’s pretty funny, decently loyal to its source material and has a pretty brisk runtime. Great for a midnight movie or a drunken movie night with friends.

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  • Godzilla



    It’s leagues better than the 1998 American Godzilla, but it’s still a bit too self serious and the human plot to monster ratio is way off.

  • Opera



    Opera has a lot to like. Like some of Argento’s other films, the shot composition is gorgeous and the use of color is pretty great. The film is spectacular looking. As for the plot, after an accident injures the lead singer of an opera, her understudy Betty takes over as the lead. But a masked killer is murdering people and frequently tying Betty up and making her watch. It’s definitely a giallo, with the plot occasionally dipping into almost dream…