Favorite films

  • Elevator to the Gallows
  • Criss Cross
  • There's Always Tomorrow
  • The Pajama Game

Recent activity

  • The Bees


  • A Fish in the Bathtub


  • The Immigrant Experience: The Long Long Journey

  • Dead Reckoning


Recent reviews

  • American Hot Wax

    American Hot Wax


    Absolutely worth it just for the ten seconds of Screamin' Jay Hawkins doing "I Put a Spell on You" before he gracefully falls into a coffin.

  • Redemption



    I love when the intersection of film history and cultural preservation brings up such goodies as this one. There's just something special about watching a film that has been lost, damaged, and later restored in incomplete form. Watching Redençāo, through a temporary online programme curated by Cinelimite as part of a Brazilian film digitization initiative, offered such an experience. This coastline, coconut farm noir shared visual and thematic similarities with other South American and south-of-the-border noirs I've seen, and while…

Popular reviews

  • Kadaicha



    Unexpectedly fun teen slasher with postcolonial resonances and a very sharp perspective on Australia's historical guilt complex. Plus, a high school boy dies after a funnel web spider pounces on his literal eyeball and sucks the life out of him. That's worse than my worst nightmare as a dumb kid from Melbourne and this film totally rules.

  • The Terminator

    The Terminator


    I’m 34 years old and I've only just seen The Terminator. Not because I intentionally avoided it, but because it never crossed my path as a kid, or at university, or any time until now. I always knew it was a cultural icon, but I had no idea quite what I was missing out on.

    This film rules, and it rules primarily because James Cameron really knows how to tell a good story with his medium. I honestly feel like…