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  • It's a Sin

    It's a Sin


    Around 10pm on Friday, January 22, Britain’s social media feeds were in the midst of an emotional onslaught. The first episode of It’s a Sin, writer Russell T. Davies’ anticipated miniseries set at the height of the AIDS crisis, had just finished airing on Channel 4, with millions realizing: This was a landmark moment for British TV. Among the online chatter, one sentiment kept returning time and time again, as gay men conjured the image of teenagers secretly watching the…

  • Music


    Absolutely baffled by how boring this is. Usually a movie this deeply misjudged becomes fascinating because of its lack of self awareness and inability to reckon with how deeply offensive the material at hand is, but somehow Sia has managed to make something that isn't even worth the hate watches it's inevitably going to get. Everything you've read about it is true, and yet nothing is remotely interesting enough to satisfy your morbid curiosity - after a calamitous opening ten minutes, this just becomes a cliched family drama with forgettable musical numbers. Do yourself a favour and rewatch Cats instead

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  • The Little Things

    The Little Things


    The Shittle Things

  • New Order

    New Order


    Finally, a film that answers the question "what if Parasite was made by a guy who hated the working class". The new favourite arthouse film for every insufferable right wing guy who tweets that the left are the real fascists