Zero Days

Zero Days ★★★★

The problem many people seem to have with documentarian Alex Gibney is that he cranks out so many films in a short timeframe, he has a tendency to rely on expository talking heads to tell the story- which should make his documentaries feel certifiably uncinematic. Here, Gibney is grappling with a subject matter that multiple directors have failed to make cinematic: cyber warfare. From the mid nineties wave of hacking based movies that kicked off with Hackers to Michael Mann's recent flop Blackhat, cinema has always been behind the curve and utterly tone deaf when it comes to portraying cyber espionage onscreen.

By creating tension solely through the rhythmic editing of multiple talking heads talking about potentially dangerous information, Gibney has delivered the first borderline masterful film on hacking, delivering an edge of your seat thrill ride that's even more intense because the information presented actually happened. Gibney's other recurrent problem of packing too much information into short timeframes also wasn't a problem- by initially spelling out how the malicious software came into being in layman's terms, the geopolitical implications of it falling into the wrong hands become far easier to grasp, not to mention more terrifying.

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