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This review may contain spoilers.

What an absolute fucking trip. I highly recommend not looking up anything about this movie before watching it because the way everything unfolds is really impressive. I will say, there are depictions of nudity, blood, dead bodies, and weird sex, so if any of that bothers you maybe look elsewhere, but if it doesn't, just go ahead and fire up this movie. There is a distinct lack of trying to rein in the director as there are many shots and scenes that don't necessarily add to the plot but feel like they expand the whole. The one thing that doesn't add anything is the weird obsession with mechanical fans, feels like I'm missing something. Also, and, spoiler warning from here on out, in case I've convinced you but you haven't stopped reading... The last sex scene was weird on so many levels. One: I was like "I think he's Johnny, so that makes her his daughter" and that was soon after they started interacting. Two: She appeared young but had a child so I was like, maybe she's late teens or early twenties, nope she's supposed to be 17. Three: What the fuck is going on with his thrusting, is his character supposed to be bad at sex? I feel weird liking this movie so much mostly having to do with this unknown incest that is also statutory rape, and it almost seems to veer on regular rape, as well. But the fucking twists and turns where suddenly a lot of the weird/quirky choices suddenly made perfect sense, like why Robert DeNiro has long fingernails and of course Angel's whole thing with chickens... so well done. I guess I'm going to have to google the fans thing.