The Exterminating Angels

The Exterminating Angels ½

The balls on this piece of shit director to make what amount to basically a veering on pornographic retelling and explanation of a crime which he pleaded guilty to, that of enticing women to perform sexually explicit scenes for him in private rooms. The fiction presented suggests everything was consensual, and every actress was more than enthusiastic, the writer/director going so far as suggesting that the reason he was arrested and charged was because the experience was so profound that those accusing him were in love with him, and it was an act of spite for the love going unrequited. It makes actors working with Woody Allen look almost innocently naive when the actresses in this were acting out convicted crimes for the artistic and commercial and personal benefit of the criminal. The wrapping together of this art and the actual events that inspired it makes it the easiest thing to write off as gutter trash. This is not why films ought to be made. Watched on MUBI