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  • House on Bare Mountain

    House on Bare Mountain

    I am beyond irritated that this synopsis even includes Dracula and Frankenstein as part of the plot. There are shots in films where you say "the length of the shot means this" or "ah yes, context for this other element" but in this film, the lingering shots of women's breasts and butts provide only voyeurism. When it's insinuated that a woman is actually much younger but just takes "lots of vitamins" it blew my fucking mind, because it caused deep…

  • The Lego Ninjago Movie

    The Lego Ninjago Movie


    I absolutely loved the first Lego Movie, it awakened a great reinvestment in my imagination and in rediscovering the Lego I knew as a child. The arc about communication between the pseudo-protagonist and his father being the main point of tension was a fascinating and fulfilling angle to the film based on a toy. The Lego Batman movie was good, but much more of a send-up of the Batman universe than an arc and story all its own. The animation…

  • The Convent

    The Convent


    Is this a thriller? Did anyone tell John Malkovich? I can't tell. His acting is as though this is a romance, very natural and light, while the soundtrack pounds you with heavy strings and dark piano. There is some stunning cinematography, but I have no real idea what to make of this film other than that it is very confident in itself without being like much else out there. There are elements and themes that surely influenced the soon to bloom tween fantasy boon, which is not a critique but a simple act of wonder. Watched on MUBI

  • Red Amnesia

    Red Amnesia


    Layered and perplexing, this tale of a woman haunted by her choices in modern China wraps you into the psyche of a world in which dictatorial murder is a recent memory. To live through the horrors of a government you know only as a guiding influence, and raise children hidden from those horrors can drive any sane person to the edge. The fact that this woman was able to unbegrudingly provide for her family through it all is a marvel.…

  • Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

    Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse


    I saw this in 3D and the visuals were phenomenal, animation is one of the rare things you could see in real 3D because they process the image twice instead of just cutting and spreading out a 2d image so it appears 3D. I’m not explaining this well, but google it. This movie weaves together so much information about Spider-Man and the broader spider universe without ever feeling like you’re reading a how-to manual on comic books. It’s nerdy presented…

  • Dharma Guns

    Dharma Guns


    Fun and whimsical but lacking the sheer insanity of Ossang’s earlier “Morituri.” A great little noir that either utilizes a shoestring budget to a stylized splendor or squanders a large budget exceptionally, the money is not apparent. I’m fascinated by this filmmaker, especially the strange sporadic use of color in his films, but also the strange dialect of the characters in his universe. Watched on MUBI

  • Accident



    A pretty movie with pretty people that’s pretty pointless. A droll take on whodunnits, forbidden romance, and classism. The cinematography feels like early color, utilizing texture and reflection over color theory and dynamic lighting, but the results are pleasant. The performances are fine but the script doesn’t provide anything fun to play with. There is one particular shot, in the kitchen while a character makes an omelette, that is remarkably dynamic. Watched on MUBI

  • King and Country

    King and Country


    A middling tale of a young soldier on trial for going AWOL, the lawyer tries to argue he was shell shocked but the doctor called as witness refuses to say one can suffer from that, let alone that it may cause one to abandon their post. Ultimately, they shoot the young man. Watched on MUBI

  • Lovers of the Arctic Circle

    Lovers of the Arctic Circle


    A very fascinating film, plays with youthful love through the lens of flawed memory. A fascinating structure supports naturalist acting, and superb cinematography that pushes this small, quiet film into greatness. The ending, I don’t think, was as impactful as I hoped while watching, though it does tell a cautionary tale about love and coincidence. Watched on MUBI

  • East Side Sushi

    East Side Sushi


    At times extremely cheesy take on the melting pot of culinary experienve in Oakland. Watched on MUBI

  • Borgman



    I love the power of suggestion but there seems to be important pieces missing. There’s an undeniable level of mysticism that goes unexplored and unexplained in favor of sheer whimsy in the grotesque and strange. Indoubtably a great inversion of the seductress, strange men will assuredly kill everything you once cared about and then off you as well. The camerawork is very precise, enjoyably so, and the sound crisp and delightful. Watched on MUBI.

  • The Case of the Morituri Divisions

    The Case of the Morituri Divisions


    This film is so punk rock. It's about journalists and the court system trying to take down a ring of people with mohawks who seem to do nothing but fight to the death gladiator style in gimp suits and chase down anyone who gets in the way of their shenanigans. It's shot simultaneously with pure aesthetic in mind as well as the handheld freewheeling nonsense of a bunch of skaters who got ahold of an 8mm camera. There are parts…