Cinemology has written 16 reviews for films rated ★½ .

  • Double Lover

    Double Lover


    It started out so well! The first few shots cut together are really inspired, the first ten minutes shows a lot of creativity in how to make dialogue heavy scenes where the characters are just sitting still resonate and show theme. So many scenes are well shot throughout the whole film, but the ending absolutely falls apart. It got really hairy when they suddenly introduce a woman who apparently shot herself and then the story around that just convolutes the…

  • Mortal Engines

    Mortal Engines


    Trying to explain this plot shouldn't be that difficult, they clearly had some good ideas that got them started but kept getting distracted by filler and ways to make what should have been a relatively straightforward action movie needlessly complex. I have to commend the filmmakers for achieving a synthesis of the Bioshock series and Mad Max Fury Road, with just a smack of Order 1886, but the main guy character was not worth his weight in screen time, I…

  • Midsommar



    Pretty images and fantastic production design can’t support a lackluster film prolonged to death by a 2.5hr runtime.

  • Aladdin



    Guy Ritchie digests everything about the animated Aladdin film and leaves it as stinking colorful bile for everyone to smell. The lead was oddly cast but the rest of this film struggles to carry the weight that uneven direction and a soulless idea bring. Will Smith is forced to do his best Robin Williams’s Genie instead of getting the creative freedom to go a slightly different route, all while being a bloated CGI creature that eats so much of the…

  • La Sapienza

    La Sapienza


    I don’t think this movie has any emotion in it at all. There are a couple of beautiful locations. Watched on MUBI

  • Jimmy P.

    Jimmy P.


    Huhhhh pass. Who directed this, somebody who loves snap zooms, poor editing and camera work, and accents but not nonEnglish? Why was this made? Watched on MUBI

  • Sex Is Comedy

    Sex Is Comedy


    Working out to basically a long essay on directing by a probable sociopath. Daring aspects of this film but seems like a dimestore pornographic La Nuit American. There is a seeming call and response between the suggestion of sexuality, the falsity of this film within a film and the director’s very explicit follow-up. Literally some of the worst advice you could give on directing is preached as gospel in this film, and the sheer fact that the director gets what she wants is reinforcing terrible behavior. Watched on MUBI

  • Female Human Animal

    Female Human Animal


    So much potential for exploration, but utterly empty, shot on VHS for seemingly no reason except perhaps to flick off the trend of shooting on iPhone. Many shots look fine or good but never excellent, and the lack of a hearty script is felt in the doldrum filling just over an hour of runtime culminating in a massive nothing. The sound is particularly irritating, at times stylized to be but overall just asleep at the wheel. Watched on MUBI

  • Sightseers



    As it turns out, I find Ben Wheatley insufferable. His movies are like driving a midsized sedan through a quiet neighborhood with two flapping flat tires. Uneven, unneccessary, and altogether unwanted. The only possible message one can take away from this movie is that lustful love can cause us to look past and be accomplice to unconscionable acts, but there are better and briefer ways of communicating that than this schlock. Watched on MUBI

  • Black Tide

    Black Tide


    Oof. A struggle to get through this, like watching a remake of Bad Lieutenant. Not for anyone who seeks enjoyment in cinema. Vincent Cassel leads a meandering story that feels like it culminates in something substantial but in actuality is like a words of wisdom page-a-day calendar. The final scene hits you in the gut for a moment before the rest of the film crashes down around it. Watched on MUBI

  • Les Unwanted de Europa

    Les Unwanted de Europa


    Really beautiful shots unsupported by script with a nonchalant approach to despair and struggle. Plays out like a walk through the beautiful Algiennes Mountains rather than a pilgrimage to a perceived better life. Unclear why we are following these characters and not any other. Watched on MUBI

  • Kill List

    Kill List


    All style and no substance until this trash heap collapses on itself into utter nonsense. Watched on MUBI