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  • Uptown Saturday Night

    Uptown Saturday Night


    A lively cast, solid pacing and the chemistry of the two leads elevate this above what it could have been. Instead of a tired formulamatic piece you instead get a pleasant and fun neighborhood buddy pic with some above-average action set pieces. One not too dis-similar from a Peckinpah or Woo sequence. Cosby is brilliant. What other film is going to give you a shoot-out AND a sack race?

  • Mafia Vs. Ninja

    Mafia Vs. Ninja


    Preposterous kung-fu film centers around two sewer workers who get pulled into an Asian gang war after they are hired to protect a mafia honcho who is subsequently killed. They, of course, seek revenge and what follows is high grade action, fun fight choreography and performances and effects that will almost cause you to wet yourself. Oh, someone may or may not defend himself with a tree.

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  • Night of the Living Dead

    Night of the Living Dead


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Dear 1968:

    We made a film that has the following:

    -Female protagonist.
    -Whoops! Now an African-American protagonist.
    -It is in black & white.
    -It's all in one night! All in one one house!
    -We wait forever to even kind of tell you what's going on
    -People eat other people! You even get to see it!
    -Women die!
    -Kids die!
    -Kids kill their folks!
    -Brothers kill sisters!
    -Wait, everyone dies!
    -Whatever was happening has no conclusion!

    Please enjoy our film,

    George A.…

  • WALL·E



    I don't feel like going on about something right now, but I WILL say this:

    WALL*E is the best love story I can think of, going back to at least When Harry Met Sally, and one of the sweetest and most effective I've ever seen. How far you have fallen so quickly Pixar. After Up, it has been nothing but down. (ba-dum-bum)