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  • Spider-Man 3

    Spider-Man 3


    10 years later..........and still pretty good.

    Sure, the cgi and green screen have aged horribly. The script could loose a few pounds and be fleshed out better. But Sam Rami's direction coupled with a terrific array of actors makes this a definite rewatch.
    A disappointment, to a lesser extent, is that Dylan Baker's Kurt Connors was never given the story so many fans were eventually hoping for.

  • The Assignment

    The Assignment

    This was all sorts of stupid fucking ridiculousness. Is this supposed to be a parody ?

    Walter Hill is loosing his touch. Denis Hamill is a hack "screenwriter".

    Michelle Rodriguez as a guy ?? Yeah, not believable....AT ALL.
    After the "surgery"...NO scars...NO pain....NO bandages........

    Give me a fucking break.

    I guess if you want to see a full frontal MR nude shot, you should watch. Otherwise, pass.

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  • 400 Days

    400 Days


    Atom, White Canary, and the Reverse-Flash walk into a bar.......

    ....and shit goes downhill from there.

  • The Thread

    The Thread


    A good double-feature with Nightcrawler.