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  • Sorry to Bother You

    Sorry to Bother You


    I’ll never feel the same about horses again. 

    End of review. 

    Boots is my new FAV

  • Babe



    Let’s state the obvious first: 

    On EVERYONE’s favorite top ten movies of ALL time, Babe comes in first, followed by something like The Godfather or Gone with the wind and so on. 

    Talking pigs, talking collie dogs and a story for the ages. This is the movie we need right now and we should all take some time for a rewatch. 

    BABE! The greatest, literally the greatest, piece of cinema there is. Kurosawa would have been jealous. Scorsese uses this as motivation in all his work. 

    Do yourself a favor and buy this on amazon prime.

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  • Widows



    Women RULE THIS ONE. 

    Start to finish, this is a hell of a movie. VIOLA DAVIS is the best Hollywood has to offer, and she most definitely leads this ensemble. She’s a complete marvel to watch in everything, but Steve McQueen gives her serious material to work with. 

    “Genre films” work when you make it about the characters. Whether it’s horror, action, western or heist, if you build interesting people I can admire the rest. For me, it starts and…

  • If Beale Street Could Talk

    If Beale Street Could Talk


    I’ve thought about what I would tell people about this if asked. I still don’t really know. 

    It’s not a movie that’s “enjoyable” because it’s real and the story it’s telling is unjust and depressing. But, like with Roma, it’s incredibly well done and serves as a meaningful “empathy machine.” (Thanks, Ebert) 

    Really, I’d just recommend you give it a shot. I liked it because these stories need to be told and it’s told in a way that will get a lot of attention. That is, acting is top notch and Barry Jenkins is really talented. 

    Everyone should see.