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  • The Ghoul

    The Ghoul


    Heartwrenching depiction of depression done in quite a creative, though often confusing, way. Left me feeling sad.

  • Blow-Up



    Our protagonist is having an existential crisis. He has a life many would envy but he feels empty, frustrated, angry; his life is devoid of meaning. He has moments of passion yet feels no fulfillment. In the final moments of the film he gets it. He sees it’s about perception. Perception is present in every single moment of our waking lives as well as in our dreams. It’s what Cognitive Psychology is all about. How we perceive something colors how we feel, how we behave, how we live. We make our own meaning.

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  • Suspiria



    Now that’s a work of art! 

    I won’t comment on all the utterly amazing things about this film that so many have already reviewed. Instead I want to look at the meaning. But first I have to mention my awe for Tilda Swinton. I’ve always loved her but this has solidified for me how phenomenal she is. Three very distinct roles. I read an article that questioned if she was playing ego, super-ego, and id - and that could actually…

  • Us



    In a nutshell this is about ourselves, hence Us, whether psychological or political: the diabolical demons within all of us - psychologically creating guilt and repression leading to fear of seeing/looking at ourselves; or within the societal structure - the tethering and puppeteering of the underclass and the mentality that creates the us vs. them. A masterpiece in my opinion. Great score. Lupita is phenomenal. All the actors were fantastic. Great respect for Jordan Peele’s mind - layers of metaphor, symbolism and homage to horror films.