Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★★

flew by which is impressive. i don't like snyder's shallow focus approach but it's an actual approach so you know what, do your thing sir. he manages to have low-light desert scenes that look leagues better than the low-lit desert scenes in dune's second half so....

i *love* this cast of people, i love the set-up and the concept, and there's really good stuff sprinkled throughout, but it there's a weird feeling of treading water & wasted time once they get into vegas. they set up a lovely dynamic between bautista and ana de la reguera & then both get weirdly sidelined. i feel like bautista isn't even in much of this somehow! which is silly because he's great. it becomes the dieter show which ends up hurting the film (a small doses kind of character). overall appreciated how nihilistic it was, but that it wasn't just that for its own sake. idk, there's a lot of really good stuff here, that mix of good & not so good & lame & sincere & indulgent is all part of what i appreciate about him even when it adds up to something that i liked quite a bit but falls short. absolutely nowhere near as bad (it's not bad) as the reception led me to believe. everyone is so weird with him, on both sides. final note: the scene with chambers was really standout, tide of rising emotion & immense frustration playing out perfectly

Matthias Schweighöfer looks EXACTLY like Gwendolyn Christie

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