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  • Bad Boys for Life

    Bad Boys for Life


    Without Michael Bay directing, the third installment of this now 25 year old action franchise starts off with a better-than-decent chance at improving on its immediate predecessor. And by and large, it succeeds in delivering exactly what fans of this particular buddy-cop series could have possibly hoped for, even if it visibly struggles to stay upright under the massive weight of the outlandish plot and eye-roll-inducing story twist.

    Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are noticeably older, slower, and more matured…

  • The Gentlemen

    The Gentlemen


    It's a generally fun and funny bit of scenery-chewing from roguish English characters (plus Matthew McConaughey) with a plot I couldn't really be any more indifferent about, and plenty of opportunities for Guy Ritchie to indulge in his naughty predispositions and irreverent humor. It has just enough double-crosses (even though predictable) and amusing predicaments, not to mention Hugh Grant's deliriously hilarious performance and maybe Colin Farrell's non-P.C. comic relief, to be worth a watch ... perhaps with a reasonably-priced bottle of scotch.

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  • The Kingmaker

    The Kingmaker


    "The Kingmaker" begins as an unfettered check-in on the life of one of the 20th century's most notorious figures, Imelda Marcos. Like a visit to the zoo, we're granted the opportunity to observe the seemingly self-delusional Marcos in her current habitat as she dreams of a time and place she no longer occupies. Filmmaker Lauren Greenfield allows Imelda the chance to justify, in her own words, her and her late husband's ruthless and corrupt reign as the authoritarian overlords of…

  • 13th



    "If you look at the whole problem, ... we have too many laws, locking too many people up for too many things, giving them sentences that are too harsh ... putting them in prison, and while they're in prison, doing very little - if anything - to rehabilitate them for they can reenter civil society when they get out ... and then, when they get out, we shun them."

    The above quote from an individual interviewed in Ava DuVernay's relentless…