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  • Gravity



    This was an absolute TECHNICAL MARVEL. Everything from the direction, score, sound, visual effects, and cinematography were masterfully planned and executed. The film's entirety was an action setpiece. You can never go wrong with a Cuaron-Lubezki collaboration. I could only wish I saw this in the cinema during its release.

  • Children of Men

    Children of Men


    HOLY SHIT, THIS WAS A MASTERPIECE. I am floored. I have no words. Alfonso Cuaron is a movie god. THIS IS WHY WE LOVE CINEMA.

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  • In Darkness

    In Darkness


    So, I wanted to watch a random movie at the cinema today and I ended up watching this film. It was directed by Anthony Byrne, and co-produced and starred by Natalie Dormer (we all know her as Margery Tyrell in Game of Thrones), who is also his off-screen girlfriend, and are engaged. The premise is basically about this blind female pianist that “witnessed” a death at the room above her.

    The film was packaged to be a thriller, but it…

  • Roma



    I watched this film last night, and until now, I still can't stop thinking about how beautiful and emotionally captivitating it is. My current vocabulary could not find the right adjectives to give this film the highest form of praise it deserves. I'm lost for words. What a MASTERPIECE!!!