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  • Becky



    A teenage girl must fight for her life when escaped prisoners invade her family's remote weekend cabin.

    I never watched "King of Queens", so I have no specific connection to the involvement of Kevin James, but the choice to cast him as a violent convict kinda reminded me of "Uncut Gems" based on how both movies feature an actor mostly known for b-grade comedies in a more serious role. He convincingly portrays his vile character. Promising young talent Lulu Wilson…

  • Four Letter Words

    Four Letter Words


    There are small glimpses into Baker's future filmmaking tools, most notably the raw dialogue and unadorned portrayal of the bro-y characters. The difference lies in the choice of social environment portrayed. While Baker's later works depict socially disadvantaged or otherwise stigmatized protagonists, we are here confronted with stereotypical upper-class high schoolers. The awkward line delivery and stiff acting cause the humor to often fall flat. At least the dialogue itself is authentic in its pubertal qualities. With a runtime of…

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  • The Jungle

    The Jungle


    An anthropologist sets out into the Indonesian jungle to save a rare breed of leopards from extinction. But with each passing night, the feeling of being watched by a sinister entity grows.

    Following the "Blair Witch"-formula too closely, Traucki's latest installment in his creature horror trilogy didn't grab my attention nearly as much as his earlier works. Using supernatural elements is also an odd choice considering how realistic "The Reef" and "Black Water" were.
    But at least this concept could've…

  • Shed Your Tears and Walk Away

    Shed Your Tears and Walk Away


    Filmmaker Jez Lewis returns to his hometown of Hebden Bridge to investigate the untimely deaths of his childhood friends.

    Hard to rate a documentary, especially one as personal as this.
    But for certain is, that this is a truly gripping watch. I was very moved by what I saw. Seeing the hopelessness of the scenario will most certainly hit you in the feels.