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  • Zack Snyder's Justice League

    Zack Snyder's Justice League


    Don’t get me wrong, the fact this exists in the first place is a W. Fans have been asking for this for a LONG LONG time and finally they can shut up 😂

    The thing is though, even with all the extra footage and tweaked scenes it’s still a similar film (obviously), and that is such a bad framework to build upon that means making this new and improved artistic SnyderCut is like polishing a turd. It was only ever…

  • Soul



    This is, in my humble opinion, Pixar’s best work for a good few years. It really encompasses everything that makes Pixar films so special, the visual storytelling, the thematically-driven narratives with moral points and life lessons, the beautiful animation and the quirky, likeable characters. 

    Watching this filled me with an immense feeling of joy and wonder, it was, quite simply, a beautiful film. Stunning animation and a lovely, charming story, Soul is exactly the kind of film you’d want your kids to grow up watching, golden age Pixar vibes for sure.

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  • Inception



    Still as fucking brilliant as I remember. A Mind-bending, heart-thumping, mentally-draining masterpiece. To run with an idea so complex and execute it close to perfection is a skill Nolan has proved he is the master of. Theres no need for me to go into further analysis, it’s top cinema in every aspect.

  • Moonlight



    This was one of the most raw, natural, evocative and somewhat cathartic film experiences I’ve had for a long time. Excellent performances, stunning cinematography and class editing amount to presenting this intricate and delicate character study and narrative of growth to manhood in a beautiful manner.