“there are other ways of seeing (on GOD... i brought you in and i'll take you back out bbz)” by cecile emeke

From Cinema Rediscovered 2023 Film Critics’ Workshop, “there are other ways of seeing (on GOD... i brought you in and i'll take you back out bbz)” by cecile emeke is a video essay commission in response to the 7th edition of the festival.

Watch here on Vimeo.

“'there are other ways of seeing' uses experimental film collage to explore the 2023 touring programme of cinema rediscovered as a cinematic visual field in the mathematical sense, that is a particular set of elements, or as Laura Mulvey would call it, a heterotopia, or perhaps as Arike Oke has suggested, as a topographical map, in order to reverse search them for the 'unsolvable polynomial equation' that birthed them in the first place. That is to say, the map is not looked at as an aide to our exploration, but the map itself, in its very form, is examined to allow it to reveal to us, not necessarily the destination or possible new pathways, but why we left home and all we know, and stepped into the unknown, in the first place.” Cecile Emeke 

Cecile Emeke is a director, writer and artist from London, with a body of work that spans broadcast television, independent film and visual arts. Cecile’s work often explores time, cosmology and cultural production, through the prism of the Black diasporic experience, within liminal and intimate spaces. Cecile has directed and written for broadcasters such as HBO, BBC and Sky, as well as receiving film and moving image commissions from Tate Modern and ICA amongst others and is particularly well known for her globally acclaimed documentary series ’Strolling’, which recorded conversations with people across the Black diaspora, as well as ‘Ackee & Saltfish’, a comedy short film turned web-series about the everyday happenings of two friends. 

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