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  • Gringo



    Written by Anthony Tambakis and Matthew Stone the story follows a mild level businessman named Harold (David Oyelowo) who goes to Mexico with his boss, Richard (Joel Edgarton) and supposed friend along with Elaine (Charlize Theron) another executive who comes off as more of a self interested maven who’d shoot a bitch much less put her own mother down kind of character. They are in the midst of trying to sell the company (without letting Harold know) that has been…

  • Kind Hearts and Coronets

    Kind Hearts and Coronets


    Loosely based on the novel ‘Israel Rank: The Autobiography of a Criminal’ (1907) by Roy Horniman. It concerns Louis D'Ascoyne Mazzini (Dennnis Price), the son of a woman disowned by her aristocratic family for marrying out of her social class. After her death Louis decides to take revenge on the family, and to take the dukedom, by murdering the eight people ahead of him in succession to the title. Alec Guinness plays the nine members of the D'Ascoyne family: Ethelred,…

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  • Wonderstruck



    Based on the 2011 novel of the same name by Brian Selznick, who also adapted the novel into a screenplay. The film interlaces two stories set fifty years apart, switching frequently between them. Each tells the story of a child's quest. In 1927, Rose (Simmonds) runs away from her father's New Jersey home to find her mother/idol, the actress Lillian Mayhew (Moore). In 1977, recently orphaned Ben (Fegley) runs away from his Minnesota home in search of his father. "…

  • The Adjustment Bureau

    The Adjustment Bureau


    Loosely based on the Philip K. Dick short story, "Adjustment Team".This tells the story of a young man who discovers what appears to be a chance meeting but is in fact NOT supposed to be part of the events in his life. (Thus, suggesting that we are ‘controlled’ ie. follow a foretold fate by a technologically and/or an unearthly elite team of advanced intelligence network?!) After this unexpected meeting occurs (a romantic encounter with a young dancer no less) Our…