World for Ransom ★★

This was a project that Robert Aldrich spun off on a micro budget by working on the TV series 'China Smith.' It starred Dan Duryea as a soldier of fortune who operated out of Singapore. (Aldrich directed 2 of the episodes) Producing this himself he was able to coax most of the cast to do this. Duryea leads a strong cast of performances in what is unfortunately an utter piece of dullsville. Despite the tight handy work of the camera (Joseph Biroc also shot a lot of Aldrich's later pics) and a very small budget. The cross pollination of setting a film noir in Singapore trying to wrangle an international incident that involves the kidnapping of an atomic scientist just seems to be a blunder. It has all of the possibilities of what may have been a stronger project if only the plot wasn't so dumb. Sadly, this probably strikes a tone that would later be judged as the downgrading of all things 'made for tv' which would soon be followed by the phrase 'direct to video' There's certainly all the signs of Aldrich's genius. It just so happens that this wasn't the success that he had hoped for.

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