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  • All Square

    All Square


    SXSW '18 - Not the best movie at the festival, but definitely not the worst. Michael Kelly and Jesse Ray Sheps have great chemistry and the story, while a little by the numbers, is intriguing enough. The script can't always decide how far it wants to take its offensiveness and certain sequences can seem a little out of place or tonally off. Completely skates by on its charm though.

  • Wildling



    SXSW '18 - Feels like it has an opportunity to explore metaphors to sexual awakening or repression and instead, takes the straightforward route. Suffers greatly as a result.

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  • The Disaster Artist

    The Disaster Artist


    SXSW '17 - James Franco becomes Tommy Wiseau and absolutely crushes it in front of and behind the camera. He is really able to capture why people love The Room while endearingly poking fun at it. It is a little flabby in parts, but the first act is gold along with all of the re-enactments. Fans of The Room will fiercely love this and there's plenty here for those not familiar. A faithful, if not a little incomplete adaptation of a fantastic book.

  • Logan



    Relentlessly dark, violent, and bleak. I hate calling it the best comic book movie ever made (it is) because it limits how good this movie really is. Excels in virtually every way. Been thinking about this one since the credits rolled.