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  • Hagazussa
  • The Wolf House
  • I Walked with a Zombie
  • Drive My Car

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  • Eraserhead

  • Mark of the Vampire

  • Election 2

  • The Frightful Era of Kurama Tengu

Recent reviews

  • Master of the Flying Guillotine

    Master of the Flying Guillotine

    Gravity defying feats, one helluva of an intimidating, composed, blind Buddha-Lama for a villain (Kam Kong) and a timeless & legendary weapon to boot and brag about, laying down the foundation for bold entertaiment 1970's martial arts/wuxia mayhem.
    Technically the sequel to Jimmy Wang Yu's "One-armed boxer"(1972) so he gets to direct and star in this one, i guess after Shaw Bros were taking too long with "The Flying Guillotine"(1975) sequel apparently.
    Eagle-claw, Snake-fist, Prayin' mantis and Monkey style, and other…

  • The Space Children

    The Space Children

    Director Jack Arnold throws a surprising curve ball with his peacefull left hand, handling this 1950's creature-feature alien-joint swiftly, with all the obvious budget constraints that could limit the entertaiment value delivered, but pulls through with a pacifist message twist even.
    While its luminous enigmatic brain-blubber of an alien, works well at enhancing its silent mission, hijacking kids as a vessel to do the nuts & bolts as Space Children, doing wonders at trying to convince the planet of a better…

Popular reviews

  • Kwaidan


    Masaki Kobayashi's intoxicating and poetic display of color, owes as much to painting as it does to cinema and folklore, and its selection of ghostly tales, range from haunting to enchanting, and its visually consistent panning camera work (Yoshio Miyajima), its sumptuous and entrancingly beautiful, gliding in a
    sonambulist pace, that turns meditative and unsettling, and altogether eerie.
    Yet there's also an underlying and suggestive factor in sound, that effectively and equally carries & promotes the aura of dark mystery, and…

  • Silencio sublime

    Silencio sublime

    An early mid 30's one from director Ramon Peón, with an odd blend of class-concious drama, and an Islas Marias prison stint, making the narrative travel abou a decade for convenient added family drama.
    The Peon joint offers a healthy list of very young, future old guard second-stars, and leads from those just-around-the-corner golden days (Chaflan and Fanny Schiller are on board here)
    We get going with two less-than charming performances from male leads (Alfredo del Diestro & Leopoldo Ortin) to…