Midsommar ★★★

Florence Pugh is still a star. She's fantastic.

Here's the thing about Midsommar. I can't help but compare it to Hereditary. Both with exceptional female leads. Both unconventional horror films that aren't really horror films.

Hereditary had a near perfect first 2/3rds. I wasn't on board with the final act and the direction the film went.

Midsommar doesn't have that problem. It's a pretty consistent film from start to finish in that regard, but it's weaker overall. The story is fairly straightforward and easy to comprehend, but there are clearly so many underlying references and connections that I couldn't catch and didn't know that give it a lot of depth. However, Midsommar is centrally about getting over a relationship and grief, similarly to Hereditary.

It's beautifully filmed and crafted. The entire cast is good. The imagery and visceral moments are powerful. It's too long and felt a little simple from a theme perspective.