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  • Too Much Johnson

    Too Much Johnson


    Not your granddaddy's hoary mellerdrammer, this Welles' silent comedic lark meant to be part of some other project is fun shit if taken at a very basic level, and it's kinda sexy with young Arlene Francis (quite frankly smoking hot here), rolling around with Joe Cotton in orgasmic rapture in her cleavage-revealing bloomers on the bed while the cuck mustachioed loser boyfriend hovers around in suspicion. Eisenstein-style fast cutting, goofy reaction shots and undisciplined throw-in-the-kitchen-sink sensibility as straw-hatted Cotton scales…

  • American Dream

    American Dream


    The greatest and most important movie that has NEVER been made would document something that happens countless times a day, has happened millions of times, and which affects the lives of literally billions of human beings.

    That movie would give us the fly-on-the-wall look at what goes on in the boardrooms of America's mercenary corporations. Understandably, this movie has not been made, nor will it, because the elites would never allow it. Why would they? The biggest scam of all…

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  • All That Heaven Allows

    All That Heaven Allows


    Jane Wyman as Cary Scott is plopped down in front a shiny new TV set bought for her by her family. What middle-aged, sexless widow wouldn't jump at the chance to have all that entertainment to occupy her worthless time? Douglas Sirk in that scene hits the home run that drives his themes; about the potential of passion, the rigidity of custom and conformity in suburbia and beyond, the worth of people's lives in older age, intolerance and the prejudice against late-age romance and age-gap relationships, and the blandness of the movies' new enemy, television. Yes, I needed hankies.


  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens

    Star Wars: The Force Awakens


    I saw this when it came out back in 1977. It was called Star Wars.