Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★

I tried, guys, I REALLY tried to like this movie... but it ain’t getting any better the more times I revisit it. 
I mean it, this is one of the most frustrating movies I’ve ever seen, but not like frustrating in a good way like 2001: A Space Odyssey or Midsommar. It sets up cool concepts and then punches you in the face for even thinking they could lead to something cool. “But hey it didn’t do what you thought they were gonna do so that means it’s good.” But none of it feels earned or executed in a way to make me care. People praise the Luke, Rey and Kylo scenes because at least they’re interesting unlike the rest of the movie. But I’m sorry, they really aren’t. The explanation of why Luke almost murdered Kylo is confusing and ridiculous. I don’t buy any of it, none of it feels earned, so then when Luke confronts Kylo, it’s supposed to be this emotional scene with high stakes. But I felt nothing; hell I felt especially nothing when Luke dies. My favorite character from this franchise dies and I feel nothing, well shit, 10/10 subverted my expectations right through the fucking ceiling. 
I don’t want to hate this movie, but it’s so frustrating to watch it and feel nothing even though I’m told this apparently the “best Star Wars since empire.” The only things I truly liked in this movie was the cinematography and music. Everything else was boring, sloppy or just executed poorly. I guess it’s better than the prequels from a technical stand point, but I would honestly rather watch the prequels again than this. Not because they’re better, but because there’s more entertainment value from them. The prequels are funny, this is boring.

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