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  • Sound of Metal

    Sound of Metal

    Riz Ahmed is one of the best young actors working in screen performing. This performance is reminiscent of '70s-cinema Robert DeNiro, with a paradoxical energy that seems to flow both internally and externally. He's under constant compression by powerful forces - and in his sunken eyes, a deep vulnerability is evident; and yet, underneath lurks a reservoir of rage that feels destined to boil to a volcanic explosion.

    Paul Raci delivers a fantastic supporting performance with a deep sense of…

  • Amadeus



    Hello LETTERBOXD community. I'd like to enlist you all in a cause for the preservation of a great piece of cinema. Help me create a groundswell to restore the original theatrical cut of AMADEUS - to be made available in the best video formats available. I would plead the editors and writers on this amazing site to provide me with contact information at Warner home video to champion the cause directly.

    I may lose many of you on the merits…

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  • Spider-Man: Far from Home

    Spider-Man: Far from Home


    Despite this being only technically the second film in the new Spider-Man franchise, Tom Holland has appeared as the character in five films, and feels ready to inherit the role of the true custodian of the Marvel cinematic franchise.

    The meta-level conflict at the heart of this film - the absence of Robert Downey Jr - parallels the narrative - the absence of Tony Stark, and it's up to Holland/Spidey to assume the mantle, or in this case, the signature…

  • Yesterday



    Richard Curtis returns to the concept of timey-wimey wibbles and wobbles for the third time, apparently creatively inspired after his brilliant "Doctor Who" episode to continue working with similar time-travelly-related premises for stories, this time to imagine a universe quirked into an absence of Beatlemania.

    As somewhat a Beatlamaniac myself, and a fan of Boyle and Curtis, this film was tailor-made to me. Was genuinely, deeply, moved by several moments in the film: the re-composition and rescuing as much of…