And Everything Is Going Fine ★★★½

Soderbergh reconstructs Spalding Gray's life story through selective editing of his monologues, workshops and interviews. A wonderful experience, and yet it feels incomplete; it's a testament to Soderbergh's respect for Gray's legendary skills as a racontour to disallow anyone else to intrude on the storytelling. But the choice leaves the final chapter somewhat unfulfilled. I understand the point he's trying to make - there is no 'explanation' that would suffice to explain Gray's suicide. But, having read Gray's unfinished manuscript for the monologue he was working on at the end of his life, there's a lot more depth to the final chapter, and Soderbergh's refusal to break format leaves you wanting more. I've seen rumors that Soderbergh's got a companion piece, a more traditional documentary in the making, I hope that's true - in which case I'm open to revising my view of this one. Must-see for Gray fans, of course.