Frank ★★★½

"Frank" is an oddball comedy with consistent laughs, mixing whimsical moments with droning undertones of isolation and depression - a darker "Little Miss Sunshine" for the indie music scene. Follows a classic story structure without seeming formulaic and brings an unexpected depth to its fake-headed title character. One of the first fictional films I've seen to handle social media well, as its off-kilter characters seek connections and platforms for individual expression.

Maggie Gyllenhall disappears into an acidic and mysterious muse that sparks the engine of chaos and creativity for the music group at the heart of the film. Domhnall Gleeson brings a naive sense of charm chilled by continuous frustration to his everyman viewpoint character, grounding the experience while Michael Fassbender's gloriously bizarre "Frank" - part Rain Man, part Jim Morrison - demands your full attention in spite of hiding behind an expressionless giant head. Based on a true story - leaving you curious to learn more about the events that inspired the movie.