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This review may contain spoilers.

The end.

I’ve now sat with this movie for four days now, mulling over its messages and how they were presented, reading reactions, and predicting its inevitable massive gross earnings. As these few days have gone by, I’ve realized that Endgame (obviously) isn’t the cinematic masterpiece that so many are claiming it to be. Is it a satisfying conclusion? Mostly. Instead, it’s more of an incredible producing achievement, but it won’t be remembered as fondly as it’s being looked at now. I mean, just look at that rating layout on the movie’s page. The recency bias and hype-driven emotions is strong right now, but it will level out. The years won’t be kind to it. It’s a zeitgeist through and through.

Endgame suffers from focusing too much on being a clip show of the entire MCU rather than its own beast. The tone is so, SO weird, and it honestly doesn’t even feel like an actual movie. Long-form television storytelling in cinematic form where single episodes are two hours each. It was fun and emotionally investing, but as I’ve written in previous reviews, none of the characters are actually too strongly written; we’re only invested because we’ve spent 11 years with them. Redundancy, out-of-place humor, quippy one-liners, and forced moments pervade. Sounds like…..every other film in this franchise! Huh!

Side note: I considered not mentioning this, as it would result in needing to tag it as a spoiler review, but I’m too tired to care. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY can tell me that the all-women fight scene was any semblance of good. I’m not one to yell “TRIGGERED,” but the moment where they ALL walked into frame on Captain Marvel’s cue was possibly the most forced and contrived political move I’ve EVER seen in a movie. It was absolutely disgusting, and I’m absolutely expecting to be called sexist even though it was a blatantly manufactured moment.

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