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  • Away



    A good analogy is like listening to a meditating app through your phone. You wanted to sleep so you turned on listening to these sounds of weather and thunder, chirps and hisses. You are getting to that realm of calmness as you are looking for that big knock-out before your eyes give-up ..... only to be left hanging with nil exposition and still be wide awake. You paid £2.99 for that app.

  • Fantastic Planet

    Fantastic Planet


    It makes you feel stoned as you watch a surrealistic racial-genocidal inspiration for Cameron’s Avatar. For the record, this is better.

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  • The Willoughbys

    The Willoughbys


    Netflix is starting to pick up with uniquely styled animations, and while this one is an example of such quirkiness the storyline not only failed to deliver but it is as convoluted as its motivation.

  • Himala: Isang Diyalektika ng Ating Panahon

    Himala: Isang Diyalektika ng Ating Panahon


    By reinterpreting the very timeless last words of Elsa from "Himala" into the current malignant diaspora of the Philippine socio-politics, Lav Diaz just made one of the year's most riveting short films - in the midst of the pandemic lockdown.