Judas and the Black Messiah

Judas and the Black Messiah ★★★

Imagine the potential of this one if directed by a director with some personality whatsoever, like Steve McQueen. It lacks intensity, lacks development for Stanfield's character, who supposedly changed throughout the narrative, but we don't feel that change, or even see it. He starts in a place and by the end he's in another, but where's the process?

The film didn't even emphasize O'Neale's relationship with Hampton (I don't know if they were that close in real life, but this is a dramatic adaptation, so they should've done that, it would've improved drastically the storytelling).

Too many easy choices for a movie that chronicles a man who took so many risks. The end is powerful, but that's history, not the narrative, not the film.


P.S.: Daniel Kaluuya is not a supporting actor in this film, he should not be competing as one and it's very disrespectful for actual supporting players, character actors, to compete with someone with three times their  screen time.

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