Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw ★★★

If you've come this far you've abandoned all logic and you know the laws of physics just need a good punch in face. You're gonna be satisfied with this movie. Leitch is a fun director and this is a good fit for him. His stuntman background pretty much guarantee good fights, and there are a couple great ones here. The action is pretty good too, though hampered by mediocre CGI, including tons of my personal favorite, CG fire. Oh why must I suffer so? Idris Elba is a lot of fun as "the bad guy" Brixton. Though if you ask me he's kinda right. You know, minus the genocidal bits. The sci-fi elements he brings into the film are exciting though. The movie's to cut and dry to really explore them much but it does set up the AI as surviving and potentially becoming a recurring character in future sequels, which would provide room to develop it more. Just kidding, they won't develop anything seriously, rest easy friends, it's just big dumb fun and that's all it will ever be.