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  • Love, Death & Robots: Zima Blue
  • Love, Death & Robots: Good Hunting
  • Love, Death & Robots: Jibaro
  • Love, Death & Robots: Suits
  • Love, Death & Robots: Pop Squad

Love, Death & Robots ranked

34 films

Ranked, Love, death & Robots

  • Black Mirror: San Junipero
  • Black Mirror: White Christmas
  • Black Mirror: Smithereens
  • Black Mirror: Hang the DJ
  • Black Mirror: Be Right Back

Black mirror - ranked

23 films

The best to the not so great (because no episode of black mirror is truly that horrific) of black mirror.

  • Death on the Nile
  • Knives Out
  • Primal Fear
  • Clue
  • Murder by Death

Murder, she wrote

18 films

Here is a list of some murder mystery whodunnits that I have either watched or came across during my movie…

  • Lady Bird
  • Certain Women
  • Breathless
  • A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night
  • Desert Hearts

Screen literacy films ranked

11 films

All the films watched in the screen literary lecture for semester 1 RANKED