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  • The Devil All the Time


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  • The Devil All the Time

    The Devil All the Time


    Watch the movie and rate who has the best southern accent?


    New Batman (aka the sparkling vampire)

    Red headed babe from Fury Road was

    Rob Stark from GOT 

    The dude from zero dark 30 who puts the terrorist in the box

    Overall, definitely some fucked up shit going on in WV. While watching, ask yourself the question if, at any point in time of your life, would u get it on with the Fury Road chick under those circumstances?

  • Project Power

    Project Power

    So my fellow followers on letterbox were upset with my prior reviews of movies. So I decided to watch this highly anticipated movie available exclusively through Netflix. I also decided to review it for their reading pleasure. 

    Generally, I like Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Jamie Fox. So I have to believe somebody has evidence that they visited Epstein’s pedophile island and that it would be exposed if they didn’t agree to appear in this film. 

    I’m officially 11% more dumb after…

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