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  • A Separation
  • Force Majeure
  • Raw
  • Custody

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  • All Your Faces


  • The Edge of the Blade


  • Just the Two of Us


  • The Last Seduction


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  • All Your Faces

    All Your Faces


    The Chloë story is riveting, thanks to Exarchopoulos, who is exceptional (as usual). But the group session scenes are repetitive and ultimately trite. So a film that alternates between thrilling and irritating. Overly earnest, too. Good performances all around I guess, but those actors in the group scenes all really only have one thing to play. A true mixed bag.

  • The Edge of the Blade

    The Edge of the Blade


    Plenty of good stuff for fans of dueling, and for fans of Roschdy Zem staring soulfully off into the middle distance.

Popular reviews

  • Tell Me Who I Am

    Tell Me Who I Am


    The story is deeply involving and the two subjects are likable and compelling. But the filmmaking is so deliberately drawn out to create suspense and tension that it feels exploitative, and the horror movie tropes used in the “atmosphere” footage are forced and on-the-nose. Too much “directing” and not enough reliance on the strength of the subject. Maybe an hour would have been better.

  • Bed and Board

    Bed and Board


    Wow. Antoine is such a petit merde in this one.