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  • Incarnate



    Oh, I don't know. Maybe I've just watched too much total trash lately. Maybe Incarnate caught me in the right mood (stressed, tired, utterly burned out, since you asked). Maybe it's actually, IN ACTUAL REALITY, not such a bad movie? I just don't know. But I quite enjoyed it, against my better judgment. I usually hate the phrase "guilty pleasure" because I like what I like, can justify it with passion, and feel no shame, but this... I'm feeling like…

  • Mercy



    Urgh. Stephen King up to his old tricks again. But with added Lovecraft. This is a folksy ol' tale about the most irresponsible family alive. The mother (Frances O'Connor) takes her two young sons up to a creaky house to look after their sick grandma (Shirley Knight, having about the best time she can in a role so far beneath her it's subterranean). She's quite far gone into whatever's wrong with her, is rarely lucid and frequently violent. But hey.…

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  • Jigsaw



    I really don't want to say too much and spoil this for anyone because it's really more fun going in knowing nothing. When the wretched Saw 3D came in after Saw VI (easily the best entry in the franchise), I was crushed, so I went into this excited but with sensible expectations. My fears were unfounded. This is NOTHING like Saw 3D. It's both a return to form - very faithful to the tropes and the spirit of Saw -…

  • Lust, Caution

    Lust, Caution


    I watch a lot of movies that feel so messy and out of control I just think "who is this for? Does even the director understand what they're doing?" and it's refreshing to feel, from the very start, that you're in the hands of someone who truly knows what they're doing. Lust, Caution is exquisitely made; not just in terms of its lavish production values but in every sense. It's cinema that knows just the right balance between opulent movie…