I'm not a fan of origin stories in general and put off watching this for that reason, but gave in eventually. The subject matter aside, Zombie's plotting and structure are all over the place. This film feels unendingly slow because as it ambles through a very thin story with no real concern for creating tension or conflict or any kind of interesting character arc. As with The Devil's Rejects, Zombie can't lose his obsession with a) characters who all look like him and b) trashy characters who endlessly yell grotesque verbal abuse at one another. It's draining to listen to after a while. The endless references and the lack of anything that feels fresh or interesting let down the lush cinematography and waste the excellent cast. I still keep thinking there's a great filmmaker hidden somewhere in Rob Zombie but he lets me down time and time again. I just wish he'd get a co-writer, some continuity people and someone to just tell him to think about what's he doing.

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