Escape Plan ★★½

I'm not the type of person that actively looks for tiny plot holes in an attempt to self-righteously undermine a film.

The problem with Escape Plan is that the plot holes are so big and glaringly obvious, they might as well be called 'plot elephants'.

This is a shame, because there are a few really interesting ideas hidden amongst the muddled narrative ... Sly and Arnie giving the guards nicknames comes to mind as one of the sharper scenes in terms of the screenplay, whilst the opening escape is actually fairly clever (for a Stallone film ... ?).

Ultimately though, Escape Plan tries to be way too clever for it's own good, requiring hasty, one-line explanations to magically untie the knots that it has tied around itself. The fact that it is about half an hour too long doesn't help either.

Good for prison brawls, not so good for making sense.