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  • Bohemian Rhapsody

    Bohemian Rhapsody


    Herse what I thought.

    youre my best friend
    you make me feel so good

    I just want somebody to love even if they are fat bottomed girls while ride my bicycle.
    here we are are. born to be kings. were the pricnes of the universe.

    i have inside me me blood of kings.


    fuck yall. he deserved a moive.

    radio gaga


    no one can be mercury. at least it was tried. it was deserverved.

  • Annihilation



    From its opening moments until its psychedelic credit sequence, its a film we see far too seldom. Something truly original in every way and asks t the question we ask ourselves each day? What is out there?
    A comet. A shimmer. Mysterious.
    Some one was trying something new here and wanted us to listen.
    All women were answering in the plot where all men fell. It’s a feminist film and that’s probable as a man would not may be the…

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  • Logan



    Alright, alright alright. Everyone knows it’s cool. Some thoughts though.

    I don’t watch superhero movies because they are not like this.

    X-Men always seemed to be doing the best job in the genre, Nolan excluded, but this just ruined all of those other films for me now. I won’t be able to watch them and not wonder why they aren’t swearing. It’ll be a big lie. I know they like to say ‘fuck’ now.

    Logan’s Runt.

    I’ve never seen a…

  • Fanny & Alexander

    Fanny & Alexander


    I'm still not exactly sure each time I see an Ingmar Bergman film whether I should rush myself to the nearest church or continue going nowhere near one.

    I don't think he was sure either.