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  • The Right Stuff

    The Right Stuff


    Don’t let the 3 hour+ runtime deter you, The Right Stuff flies by at Mach 2.0. It is a comprehensive look at the evolution of the space program from sound barrier flight tests through the beginnings of the space race. Featuring an amazing ensemble cast, this is an entertaining and educational thrill ride for all ages.

    Basically, if you like metal things that fly through the air, this is a must see. The Right Stuff reminds us that these test…

  • Junior


    Ivan Reitman are you alrightman? Who was this for? It’s not exactly a comedy because it isn’t funny. It’s not exactly a drama because it isn’t dramatic. It brushes over explaining the science fiction element so it isn’t interesting. I’m at a loss.

    This should have never left the pitch meeting.

    “I have this great idea.”
    “I’m listening.”
    “It’s sort of a romcom where a man gets pregnant!”
    “Mmhmm, and….?”
    “Uh…and the man is Arnold Schwarzenegger!”
    “Yeah, and…..?”
    “Uhhhhh….Danny DeVito…….”…

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  • The Love Witch

    The Love Witch


    This is one of those films that its going to take me a while to collect all my thoughts and fully process what I have seen. Impossibly sexy. A gorgeous symphony of female sexuality and psychedelic primaries.

    Entirely original. At the same time , an exquisitely flawless reproduction.

    I didn't know filmmaking of this kind was even still possible. If you are a lover of film, this should have you unbelievably excited.



    The only thing I could…

  • Gremlins



    Every time that I watch Gremlins I am deeply conflicted because I am always rooting for the gremlins even though I know the inevitable outcome.

    They are so cute and hilarious and far more interesting and loveable than any of the human characters. I do like Gizmo because he is even more adorable and funny but I would rather that he just joined the side of the gremlins and stopped acting like such a pussy although it is pretty awesome…