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  • License to Drive

    License to Drive


    I'm back motherfuckers! Some of my besties knows what this means to me.

    Sorry for the absenteeism, Bond review coming shortly.

    Crazy damned week to say the least, but no drunk Heather Graham unfortunately and I fuck up my own cars, not my parents.'

  • Diamonds Are Forever

    Diamonds Are Forever


    M here again. As You Were. Diamonds Are Forever sees the return of Sean Connery in the role of Bond in what promises to be a last ditch effort to revive the franchise’s popularity to its former glory. This installment fails in every way imaginable and reeks of an uninspired, low-budget, televisual cluster fuck. It suffers from terrible special effects, a lazy plot and weak performances, not least of which from Connery himself who appears to have shown up only…

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  • Logan



    Alright, alright alright. Everyone knows it’s cool. Some thoughts though.

    I don’t watch superhero movies because they are not like this.

    X-Men always seemed to be doing the best job in the genre, Nolan excluded, but this just ruined all of those other films for me now. I won’t be able to watch them and not wonder why they aren’t swearing. It’ll be a big lie. I know they like to say ‘fuck’ now.

    Logan’s Runt.

    I’ve never seen a…

  • Get Out

    Get Out


    Eventually I am going to get around to writing an in depth review of a film that has impacted me in a heavy way…hopefully…when one comes. Considering the deep admiration and glorification of this debut effort from Jordan Peele, I felt that a random ejaculation of thoughts was in order at the very least. It should be said that I arrived late to the party on this one and my judgment was undoubtedly affected by the incredible hype surrounding this…