Gremlins ★★★★½

Every time that I watch Gremlins I am deeply conflicted because I am always rooting for the gremlins even though I know the inevitable outcome.

They are so cute and hilarious and far more interesting and loveable than any of the human characters. I do like Gizmo because he is even more adorable and funny but I would rather that he just joined the side of the gremlins and stopped acting like such a pussy although it is pretty awesome when he hijacks a pink Barbie Corvette during the climax, my 2nd favorite part.

My favorite part is when all of the gremlins are having the time of their short little lives watching Snow White and the Seven Dwarves not really behaving any worse than the kids at a PG screening at my local Multiplex. This segues into my least favorite part when dickhead Danny blows them all up, save for the only actual bad gremlin. This scene pisses me off every time because that is some Auschwitz shit Danny you blowhard.

However, I still adore this film because it is a shitload of fun and Joe Dante is a fucking genius.

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