Raw ★★★★

Okay dudes and dudettes. Sorry about the Bond-a-thon. That’s my bad and I’ll own it. Been transitioning residences… yea it took that long. Work’s kinda fucking me too. Took even longer to get internet hooked up. 2 week back log. All set now. Speeds high as shit. Leather couches, the works. Wasn’t about to do this shit from my phone.

Ready to go. Gonna be back on the regular now.

Have no idea what’s going on in the contemporary world of film. Catch-up time. Was watching a lot of shit from my hard-drives I’d already seen. I have cable TV now. It’s all shit, reality crap. Fuck you Simon Cowell.

Slappy, let’s do it.

I think I was on 1979.

Hi steve. Hope Jack's dope.

The last new movie I saw was Annabelle per my gf’s request. That was my first walkout in my own living room. Couldn’t tell you. Just wasn’t dealing with that tripe.

My gf turned Heat off before getting to the heist scene. We are in counseling.

Oh! I saw Raw finally! That was great. I liked that one a lot. Working on Trainspotting 2 but Spud vomiting in that back made me take a break.

Sorry. Ima be back. What’s good u maniacs?

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