Split ★★★½

Right off the bat I’d like to quickly address the controversy this film generated. I don’t allow people crying about every little thing that might be offensive or politically incorrect affect my enjoyment of a film. That being said, I am mostly rational minded and am able to view these arguments in an objective manner, cinema is an open forum of expression and if you don’t like a film’s statement, don’t watch it. If you watch it without first doing your homework, that’s on you so just shut up about it. Though Shyamalan’s Split didn’t offend me, it is easy to see why it would piss people off in its depiction of the mentally ill, the detractors definitely have a point. There are old, insensitive and ignorant expressions used when speaking of someone of certain mental impairment or psychological affliction that refer to such individuals callously. These expressions are usually somewhere along the lines of, “Retards have super strength” or “the strength of a gorilla.” Apparently, Mr. Shyamalan was sitting around his house one day and thought of this expression when a lightbulb went on in his head. “I know! I’ll make an entire movie about that horrible adage. Comeback, here I come!” It is positively HILARIOUS to me that he could go through with this because either A) He is so dim he’s oblvious to what he actually did or B) He just doesn’t give a shit. Either possibility is equally funny.

So whatever Shyamalan’s intentions were, innocent or otherwise, he has once again…. at last, put together an entertaining movie. I’m not going to add much more to the heaps that I read about it on here but only to say that McAvoy is incredible in this. The old lady who plays the shrink is awful, a fact that is made all the clearer when she is sitting right next to McAvoy giving his most powerful scenes. Also, Anya Taylor-Joy continues to show she is an upcoming, magnetic screen presence to follow. It’s not a great film, nothing too clever but I was perfectly entertained the entire time. I even like the stupid epilogue which I won’t spoil for once but it does indicate that Shyamalan might be contemplating reviving one of his own Cinematic Universes to proceed with. The last thing I have to say is that I heard there was a big ‘Twist’ in Split, no surprise there considering the writer. The surprise was that I never felt a ‘Twist’ come. I’m not sure what everyone was referring to. Nothing appeared to happen that wasn’t telegraphed the entire time. I feel like I missed something because the movie went to some pretty whacky places but nothing I would consider a twist, Shyamalan seemed to have all his cards on the table in this one.

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