They Call Me Jeeg ★★★½

What was the last Italian superhero movie that you watched? For me, it was They Call Me, Jeeg Robot, a film that I only knew about because I saw it on a LB list of high rated 2016 releases and its title popped out at me.

It is a lower budget film in which our hero is an everyday schlub, a superhero of the do it yourself variety. Some of the films that came to mind while watching are: Kick-Ass, Unbreakable, Super and even The Matrix. Incidentally, the protagonist does actually obtain super powers but he doesn’t really know how to use them or, in fact, really care about being any kind of a hero. Okay so throw a little Hancock in there for good measure. He is a petty thief in trouble with the local criminal element and becomes swept up in a series of events leading him to become close to his mentally-ill neighbor which makes him rethink his misanthropic attitude toward life.

It is not an exceptional film but it possesses a certain sort of charm and manages some flashy action sequences that make the viewing an enjoyable experience. They Call Me, Jeeg Robot is not trying anything new but if you are the type who can pretty much watch any old superhero movie it is my opinion that this film should be a welcomed entry to the genre. Regardless, I enjoyed the villains in their designer shirts squaring off against our grumpy lead and even the climax which takes place at football match, shocker! It’s possible I’m just waving the flag for the Italians, that I’m sort of proud of them for pumping out one of these films to call their own. Ciao!!!