Wonder Woman ★★½

So I watched Wonder Woman last week. after yelling "Jenny" in a poor Forrest Gump voice repeatedly and sufficiently annoying the person I was watching it with, I realized it wasn't what I expected. it seemed like the screenplay was trying to recreate the success of Cpt America. I wasn't buying the trench warfare shit. I guess we would have taken more ground if our soldiers had more beautiful cheekbones. Also, machine guns unload more than like 4 bullets per minute. I'm not a gun expert.

I was in a store today and saw a wonder woman stuffed figure. they made her look ugly. she looked like Burt from sesame street. I then wondered how many people out there have jobs i'd be way better preforming. if ur gonna get one thing right there, why reach for a nose that looks like a banana. I'm applying.

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