Wonder Woman 1984

Wonder Woman 1984

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

- This opening Olympics sequence is so unnecessary
- Why is the CGI so weightless? I get that that’s kind of the point when Diana is swinging around on the lasso but it still looks like obvious wire work in a bad way
- Diana feels like a supporting character in her own movie
- At least the costume designer came through with the ‘fits. They’re the only thing that saved it from ending up as a 1/2 star
- Do you think Patty Jenkins was suffering from writers block and then decided to put on some reruns of Ghost Whisperer and then was like “I’ve got it”
- Not all 2 1/2 hour movies feel that long. You feel very goddamn second of that 150 minutes here 
- Where are all the iconic 80s songs??
- I can’t even keep track of this plot
- The geopolitics and political symbolism of this movie are HIGHLY UNCOMFORTABLE! 
- Is Patty Jenkins directing on autopilot? There’s not a single interesting shot in this whole movie 
- At least Pedro Pascal is good, but nowhere near enough to salvage this movie. 
- I regret any time in the past that I defended Gal Gadot’s acting 
- The way that Steve said goodbye is the most LAUGHABLE shit I have ever seen 
- The CGI in the flying scenes looks like the quidditch scenes from sorcerers stone
- I never wanna hear the word “wish” ever again 
- Kristen Wiig deserves better than this CGI fur suit 
- Where did that $200 MILLION go?

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