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  • Cameron Esposito: Rape Jokes

    Cameron Esposito: Rape Jokes


    This is the direction stand-up specials should go. It's hilarious, poignant, meta and self-reflective (there's a difference). Form is awesome, content is better. Kid Gorgeous is the pinnacle of how we used to do stand-up, but this is everything it could be going forward.

  • Most Likely to Murder

    Most Likely to Murder


    The cast (Rachel Bloom is specifically a treat) elevates some truly ridiculous material. I've seen a lot of comedy-mysteries. Not the worst, but I've seen better.

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  • The Tiger Hunter

    The Tiger Hunter


    I was very ready to love this movie. A South Asian co-writer/director and an all-star Desi cast, what else can you ask for? Unfortunately this one never really lived up to its potential. The plot was very stock, though the characters kept the film watchable. Most notable in the cast is Rizwan Manji as a pop-culture obsessed sidekick.

    Strangely, the whole thing comes across as a paean to assimilation. The plot concerns star Dani Pudi and company trying to eke…

  • Bamseom Pirates Seoul Inferno

    Bamseom Pirates Seoul Inferno


    Note: Seen at NYAFF and attended Q&A with the Pirates and the director.

    This should have been two movies. I very much enjoyed the first one, which was a documentary about the eponymous Korean grindcore band and their pawing at liberal politics. It was well made and a lot of fun, but the second half of the film, only tangentially involving the Pirates, concerning the trial of their producer made the film overlong, ruined much of the arc of the…