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  • Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay

    Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay


    A step up from recent DC Animated offerings. It's dirty, it's lurid and it doesn't pull punches. I had some fun with this one. Set in the DC Animated Movie Universe, (the ad hoc name for the things in the New 52, Flashpoint: Paradox/Son of Batman timeline that also has all of the Justice League movies) this is specifically not in the same continuity as the last Suicide Squad movie. That may get confusing for those of us watching all…

  • Dear Dictator

    Dear Dictator


    Why did I do this to myself?

    I knew this was going to be a rough one before I began. There was no way that a March, high-concept teen comedy that can't avoid taking some kind of political stance was ever going to satisfy me in even a little bit, but I really am surprised how baffling this film turned out to be, and how mixed reaction to it was.

    The thing that sticks out the most for me about…

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  • Bamseom Pirates Seoul Inferno

    Bamseom Pirates Seoul Inferno


    Note: Seen at NYAFF and attended Q&A with the Pirates and the director.

    This should have been two movies. I very much enjoyed the first one, which was a documentary about the eponymous Korean grindcore band and their pawing at liberal politics. It was well made and a lot of fun, but the second half of the film, only tangentially involving the Pirates, concerning the trial of their producer made the film overlong, ruined much of the arc of the…

  • Band Aid

    Band Aid


    This film mostly holds itself together. Lister-Jones has an ear for naturalistic dialogue, and Fred Armisen is the gift that keeps on giving. Pally is also used well, a prototypical "dude" fits his drawlish accent. I think the third act struggles to bring home a lot of the themes the first two set up, but this film knows what it is through and through, and you will love it or hate it on that. And the music's not bad, so that's pretty neat.