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  • House



    Great but wish Blanche the cat could’ve had the soul/internal monologue of Blanche DuBois

  • Road House

    Road House


    Patrick Swayze doing tai chi in the sunshine? Jackie Treehorn’s crony crushed by a taxidermy polar bear? That shot of blood running over Sam Elliott’s rose tattoo? Just wow!

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  • The Invisible Man

    The Invisible Man


    Idk why everybody is heralding this movie as some great feminist success—(a) written and directed by a dude and (b) if you have actually experienced stalking/DV The Invisible Man will likely be impossible to watch without being retraumatized, which begs the question: Who the actual fuck is the intended audience? PASS

  • Beyond the Valley of the Dolls

    Beyond the Valley of the Dolls


    “You will drink the black sperm of my vengeance”? WOW! “Pray, let them joust in heat”? YES! “Step into my web, said the spider”? NEW CATCHPHRASE!