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  • Scare Me

    Scare Me

    Kind of like an anthology film where the wrap around segment just tells you about the other movies instead of cutting to them. In theory, this shouldn’t really work, but it does. 

    Josh Ruben (who looks like Sean William Scott with the facial expressions of Jim Carrey and also wrote and directed the film) plays Fred, an aspiring writer that has hired a secluded (ish) cabin to get some writing done. 

    Whilst there, he meets an established writer named Fanny,…

  • Censor


    Can horror movies go too far? Where is the line? Is there a line? Who decides the line?

    Does any “sane” person want to watch horrific death or brutal rape scenes?

    Having only seen a handful of video nasties, I am by no means an expert on them so I do not have the answers, but the premise of this film and censorship in general was really fascinating and was enough to draw me in.

    One thing I do believe…

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