Chris Kriofske

Well, I have to admit that things are really starting to look up for me since my life turned to shit.

Favorite films

  • The Lady Eve
  • McCabe & Mrs. Miller
  • Ed Wood
  • Cemetery of Splendor

Recent activity

  • The Kingdom II

  • White Noise


  • GUO4


  • The Green Fog


Recent reviews

  • White Noise

    White Noise


    Driver and Gerwig are game, the ending's cute and Cheadle makes the Elvis/Hitler showdown work; still, as others have noted, some unfilmable novels just shouldn't be filmed.

  • GUO4



    Peter Strickland's Uncut Gems

Popular reviews

  • Angels in America

    Angels in America


    Apart from a few dated special effects, this holds up well. Jeffrey Wright's Belize is both a tremendous and uncommonly deft performance; somehow, Nichols avoids staginess even when a bulk of the action is just two people talking in a room.

  • The Water Man

    The Water Man


    Solid directorial debut for actor David Oyelowo, who also appears as the father of Gunner, a young aspiring graphic novelist. Along with Gunner’s mom (Rosario Dawson), they’ve just moved to small town Oregon, where the title figure looms over as a legend, a creature who is said to give the gift of eternal life. What follows is a family-friendly adventure, well-paced and beautifully shot, but also thoughtfully told, earning both its thrills and its tears. If I had kids, I’d much rather show them this Oprah-produced film than another mega-budgeted Disney remake.