Eternals ★★★½

One of the best parts about seeing Eternals was not having to sit through the preview for Eternals.

Jokes aside, this was actually pretty good. Looking past the clunky jokes and info-dumps, there’s a lot of heart to this thing and I thought it was a rare Marvel movie that actually got better as it went along. And hey, as tame as it was, it was nice to see an actual sex scene in this franchise. Let superheroes be horny and in love!! 

I’ve seen a lot of criticisms about the third act being yet another “Marvel third act” but I actually thought this one broke the mold a bit. I actually gave a shit, and it came down to how good the cast was and how interesting the ever evolving/shifting group dynamic was. Yes, there were dumb cgi monsters running around, but thankfully the movie was more interested in its core characters. And actually, the cgi monsters were at least thematically relevant to the story and not just things to punch (although that’s mostly what they were). Anyways, I’m rambling and avoiding spoilers, but TLDR: third act good. Movie good.